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Hi, we are the Factors of Emotional/Affective Risks Lab (FEAR Lab). We research transdiagnostic risk factors for mood and anxiety disorders using biological, behavioral and other paradigms. We are interested in the role of anxiety sensitivity, intolerance of uncertainty, emotion regulation, rumination, attentional control, and other risk factors in development and maintenance of depression and anxiety.

Dr. Nicholas Allan is the FEAR Lab director. We are a part of Clinical Psychology Department at Ohio University.

Dr. Allan is not accepting graduate student applications for the 2022-23 academic year.

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We aim to understand psychopathology through biological processes. We support the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) framework in combining biological and behavioral measures to better understand psychological constructs.

We work on developing and testing new brief interventions that usually involve mobile applications to prevent anxiety and depression. We target transdiagnostic risk factors because they lead to a wide variety of anxiety and mood disorders.


We are dedicated to creating brief easily accessible treatments for people with mood, anxiety, and related disorders. After providing a brief intervention, we tend to use mobile apps and ecological momentary intervention to deliver treatment.

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