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Graduate Students

Dr. Allan WILL be accepting applicants for the Fall of 2021. More information about the clinical psychology PhD program as well as the online application can be found at the link below. If you have any additional questions,  feel free to contact Dr. Allan at

Research Assistants

As part of our lab, you will have the opportunity to build research skills which will make you an attractive candidate for graduate school.

You may have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to conduct research in clinical psychology

  • Learn how to collect high quality EEG data

  • Conduct experimental research using anxiety-inducing agents and tasks

  • Learn assessment techniques used in clinical settings

  • Gain practical skills of writing posters for scientific conferences and manuscripts for scientific journals

  • Work on your own manuscript with a graduate student

  • Interact with Dr. Allan and graduate students who can advise you on research practices, successfully applying for grant funding, and applying for graduate school

The FEAR Lab is no longer accepting applicants for Fall 2021

To be eligible you need to:

  • Have a GPA of 3.2 (3.5 preferred) or higher

  • Commit to work in the lab 9 a week for at least 2 semesters

  • Be interested in research

  • Be interested in application of physiological measures to do psychological research

If interested, please complete this application form.

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